Collins German Unabridged Dictionary, 8th Edition

Collins German Unabridged Dictionary, 8th Edition
Collins German Unabridged Dictionary, 8th Edition

Collins German Unabridged Dictionary, 8th Edition

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Harpercollins Publishers Ltd

Special Price 1,293,000 VNĐ

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The richest resource for German study

Comprehensive and authoritative, including the latest words and phrases from contemporary German and English

Key phrases, idioms, and set grammatical structures are highlighted to help you understand more complex entries

Culture boxes explain the origins of phrases from literature, film, and popular culture to aid translation and to improve your understanding

Recommended by university tutors for German degree reading lists

Acclaimed Language in Use supplement contains hundreds of examples in real-life contexts such as essay writing, e-mail messages, and telephone conversations to help you use German fluently and naturally

The new Business & Finance supplement contains all the phrases you need to communicate in common business situations, covering everything from banking and finance to insurance and accounting

Clear layout with headwords helps you find the words you need quickly and easily

350,000 references
special entries on life and culture in German-speaking countries
500,000 translations
explanations of complex words in both languages
specialist vocabulary
ideal for advanced learners and professionals using German

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